Water based coatings

Michelman offers a product using established surface modifier and coating technology, and includes dozens of product lines encompassing:

  • Water-based coatings for paper, film and foil packaging.
  • Water-based emulsions and dispersions that add value to reinforced plastics, coatings, polishes, printing inks, and many other products.
  • Micronized powders for numerous industrial uses.
  • Water-based ink receptive primers.
  • Water-based and solvent-borne formulations for wood stains and sealants.
  • Solvent-borne dispersions for industrial and consumer coatings.
  • Range of Primers for use with HP Indigo Press.

Five decades in the wax emulsions/coatings business has built a clear understanding of the issues driving change and the technology required for innovation.


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