Millchem Biotech

Millchem Biotech is a South African based company.

Driven by Research and Development to bring about technologically advanced,
microbial based products to the African market.

Millchem Biotech, through our partners in the USA, are proud to boast a vast library of microbial strains, which enables us to achieve exceptional results in various Bioremediation applications.

We have through our partners:

10 Patents
Proprietary Technologies
GRAS Recognized Products

Millchem biotech products are 100% organic and natural

  • Many companies claim their products are organic, and or natural, when in fact they are not – they use misleading terms such as “rich in organics” or “organic based”. Upon closer examination they contain a variety of synthetic substances such as “urea, “ureaform and triple super phosphate”.
  • Millchem Biotech products are 100 % organic & natural and therefore truly environmentally friendly.

Millchem Biotech offers the most comprehensive organic line of products for treatment off.

  • Pit Toilet & Septic Tank Bioremediation
  • Municipal and Private Sewerage Treatment Solutions
  • Pond, Dam. Lake and River Clarification and Bioremediation
  • Hydrocarbon Bioremediation
  • Biochemical Oxygen Enhancers, As well as mechanical Inversion Oxygenation Technology, (Lake, Pond, River and Sewerage Treatment applications)
  • Plant Growth Acceleration

Waster Water Treatment

  • Industrial (Food Processing Plants, Beverage Manufactures, Abattoirs e.t.c)
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants (Specially Designed Dosing & Monitoring Systems, to enhance the efficiency of our Microbial products)

Biochemical Oxygen Enhancers, and Mechanical Inversion Oxygenation Technology.

Pit Toilet & Septic Tank treatment

Plant Growth Accelerator

Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

Dams, Lakes, Ponds and River Treatment solutions

Our ingredients must:

  • Come from natural & organic resources
  • Never contain animal by-products

All our products are: