Novamont is a new company that was created by a group of researchers following in the footsteps of Giacomo Fauser. The company’s ambitious project, “Living Chemistry for Quality of Life” combines agriculture, the environment and chemistry.

The project of Novamont entails finding new ways of using vegetable raw materials, sources that are renewed, year by year, by transforming them into “bioplastics” for specific applications, that have a low environmental impact, and that have all of the properties of the traditional materials, but that can also be completely biodegradable.

Today, Novamont provides the best response to the demands of consumers, companies and institutions for innovative products for a “truly sustainable growth”. In the development of the new generation of products deriving from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, Novamont strategically chose to adopt the very latest testing procedures, such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and certifications, such as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


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