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Providing Industrial Solutions

We offer comprehensive services, technical advice, warehousing and distribution


Glass Manufacturing

A-Z Machinery for the Container Glass Manufacturing process

Flat Glass

Flat monolithic and laminated glass lines and machines.

Conveyors & Chains

Roller, Modular, Mat-top Transmission.


Millchem was founded in 1983 and initially supplied chemicals to the glass and textiles industries.

Packaging & Filling

Fillers, Packers, Palletizers , Stretch wrappers and Conveying systems.

Cosmetics & Detergency

Millchem is committed to continuing this trend with expansion of our Cosmetic and Detergency division.

Specialised Chemicals

In an effort to ensure Millchem position as a supplier of the latest specialised chemicals, we have developed the newest part of our business.


Millchem Biotech boasts a vast library of microbial strains, which enables us to achieve exceptional results in various Bioremediation applications.

Bottle Coatings

Specialised Bottle coatings for returnable glass bottles to enhance the appearance and improve bottle life.

Our reputation has been established through dependable service and supplying only superior quality products.